Episode 144: Discussion of ‘Outlander’ Episode 206 “Best Laid Schemes…”

In this episode, we chat with organizers of ScotCon, and discuss your feedback and Outlander Episode 206, “Best Laid Schemes…”

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Outlander Episode 206 “Best Laid Schemes…” on IMDB

Ron Moore’s podcast on Episode 206 “Best Laid Schemes…”

Bear McCreary’s blog post on Episode 206 “Best Laid Schemes…”

Writer: Matthew B. Roberts –IMDB

Director: Metin Hüseyin–IMDB

Episode 206 Clip,  Courtesy of Starz

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To A Mouse, On Turning Her Up In Her Nest With The Plough

Maria Clementina Sobieska

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4 Responses to Episode 144: Discussion of ‘Outlander’ Episode 206 “Best Laid Schemes…”

  1. to a job well done with this week’s podcast. Summer, I totally thought that Murtagh was also elsewhere away from the Highway Men fiasco until the closeup of undercover Murtagh had to knock Jamie out during the raid on the wine transport–you’re not alone. There are a few comments I have regarding 205 & 206.

    Claire has become more of a selfish brat in the ways she had treated Alex Randall, Mary Hawkins, and Jamie Fraser in 205. I am in agreement that Claire doesn’t understand the mental states all three of these characters are going through since she only has credentials in physical healing and not psychological healing. The writers and producers have all definitely madeviewers find understanding in what Alex, Mary, and Jamie are dealing with aside from how Diana Gabaldon depicted their emotions in the. Jamie should be given manyfor pointing out to Claire that her, “he owes her a life” ordeal also goes for herself in 206. He has saved her life just as many, if not more, times than she has saved him.

    I am looking forward to 207, yet am also flinching at whether the writers and producers will be adapting the whole reason why Jamie went back on his word to Claire in action or through word of mouth. It would be best if they followed the way Diana wrote this scene out in herand not adapt this scene differently (I’ve already read books 1-3); it would be extremely unnecessarily to include more aggressive action onthis season. Season 1 showed quite a bit, but to do it with an innocent character.

    The downer to 206 was just how rushed everything felt. The wasn’t much information on how Claire’s baby bump grew from the beginning of the episode to the end of it. The were a few articles I read that noted that this episode embed to be rushed in a way. I don’t know if you two felt the same way or not.

  2. Kelly says:

    I I love everything about Outlander! Amazing writers, actors but… Not sure the Jamie-Claire/Sam-Cait connection is strong in season 2. Can’t put a finger on it and know season 2 is about political intrigue and now they are in to their second year of marriage… But, again- just seem disconnected and distracted. Has the talk about them not being a real couple disrupted their on air relationship? Anyone else notice this or am I looking for something that is not there?? Feel like Claire is pulling away from him~~~?

  3. staceylrn says:

    I see that you included a link to Ronald D Moore’s episode commentary podcast for 206 but when I follow it (and searched myself) I don’t see anything beyond his episode 204 commentary. Do you know, did the 205/206 tracks disappear? Or are we still awaiting them?

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