Episode 157: The call of starlight

In this episode, we kick off our VOYAGER read-along with the Prologue, Chapter 1, “The Corbies Feast,” and Chapter 2, “The Hunt Begins.”

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4 Responses to Episode 157: The call of starlight

  1. vicky kasel says:

    murtagh died he and jamie spoke and he told jamie you don’t feel the stroke that kills you.

  2. Charlotte Marks says:

    Nice podcast, guys! Like Summer, Voyager is my favorite, so I’m looking forward to following along.

    Regarding the “did Black Jack try to save Jamie (rather than kill him)” theory, though, I’m a bit surprised that neither you nor your contributors noted the glaring clue Diana gives us (which she repeats, several times): Jamie suffered a *bayonet* wound. Officers did not carry muskets (to which bayonets, of course, are attached); foot soldiers did. Officers carried swords (and pistols).

    So – did Black Jack strike down a soldier who was attacking Jamie, and sacrifice himself? Or – and this is certainly possible, with Diana’s love of twists and surprises (and with all the comments about Jamie’s *bayonet* wound through much of Voyager) – did BJR pick up a discarded musket and stab Jamie himself? That’s one of the things I’m really looking forward to finding out.

  3. I am really surprised on what an easy death Black Jack Randall had! I hope more will be explained! I just can’t believe he would get off that easy for all the horrific stuff he has done! I would have liked to see Claire chop his head off! But then again that’s just me! I hope they find a way to save my beloved Murtaugh

Let us know what you think! :)