Episode 6: A Scottish guest and an Outlander read-along

In this episode, we are delighted to chat with Scottish folk singer Eilidh Grant about her music, her family, and her love of The Books. We also begin our Outlander read-along with discussion of Chapters 1-2.

Find out more about Eilidh Grant: website | Facebook | Twitter

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2 Responses to Episode 6: A Scottish guest and an Outlander read-along

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  2. Misty Kruger says:

    Hi there! New listener .. Trying furiously to get caught up to your current shows. Egad, I’m behind! I’m really enjoying the read-along. Your thoughts on the “blouse open down to her breakfast” comment really made me laugh. I debated with myself about that very line, and thought I would offer my two cents. I came up with it being a reference to where a girl’s breakfast would be on the table in front of her if she had one. That would still be a mighty low-cut blouse! Haha

    Thoroughly enjoying it, ladies!

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