Episode 81: An interview with Katie Mackenzie

In this episode, we discuss recent announcements and chat with Scottish singer and harpist, and now, Outlander actor, Katie Mackenzie. Katie was one of the wool-waulking women in Episode 105 “Rent.”

Follow Katie Mackenzie on Twitter (@KatieMack39) and “like” her on Facebook! Check out her album, The Lassies Reply, on iTunes!

The two songs we included in this episode are from The Lassies Reply:

Track 3—Ae Fond Kiss (Aon phog ghraidh)
Track 5—Aye Waukin O (Fhathast Na Mo Duisg)

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One Response to Episode 81: An interview with Katie Mackenzie

  1. Dawn Santarlasci says:

    I love the interviews with people involved in the production. They give us so much insight not only the making of the series but the attention to detail.

    Wanted to comment on the photo released “making the poster art”. I think Tobias was in full Frank costume because of the cover art for the DVDs. It switches from Jamie to Frank.

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