Episode 98: Discussion of ‘Outlander’ Episode 116 “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”

In this episode, we discuss Outlander Season 1 finale, Episode 116, “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” and include the second part of our interview with show runner Ronald D. Moore.


Outlander Episode 116 “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” on IMDB

Ron Moore’s podcast on Episode 116 “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”

Bear McCreary’s blog post on Episode 116 “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”

Writer: Ira Stephen Behr –IMDB

Director: Anna Foerster–IMDB

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3 Responses to Episode 98: Discussion of ‘Outlander’ Episode 116 “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”

  1. Kathleen Lawrence says:

    I have loved hearing your podcasts over the past several months and look forward to the DIA Read-alongs that you will be featuring as we wait for S2.

    Now my thoughts on the latest Episode—

    I found the prison scenes in Episode 116 to be deeply disturbing and I have to admit that when I rewatch the episode, I mostly FF through them. At first, I tended to agree with many of the listener comments that Moore dwelt too long on them and should have given Claire’s redemptive healing more time and focus. Maybe. But then that was a part of the book that I never quite got–sorry Diana–the ransom that Claire paid was just not that clear to me.

    The ransom that Claire is willing to pay in the TV series is much easier to follow. She is willing to give her life. If Jamie is unwilling to live, so is she. Up to this point, Jamie has felt nothing but shame at allowing himself to be broken and totally unworthy of Claire’s love. And here she is willing to die with him if need be. Finally, finally Jamie is shaken from his self-loathing. He certainly does not want to be responsible for her death too. So–he allows the healing to begin.

    But back to all of that disgusting stuff that BJR was shown to do to Jamie in the TV series. Why so much? I have a feeling that Moore has plans for that footage in the form of flashbacks as he goes forward with future seasons. Jamie is never the same. He will suffer from PTSD. Moore knows that Jamie will be haunted for the rest of his life, and viewers needed to be shown why. This was a 22 year old strapping male that just recently discovered sex and love with Claire. Then he is raped multiple times by a man who delights in blending it with psychic torment. We needed to see and feel the weight of this–more even than Claire’s ransom proposal.

    However, BJR has damaged my soul too. I really don’t care to see Tobias Menzies again. I understand that Moore has plans for more Frank in Season 2 too. Not looking forward to it.

    • outlanderpod says:

      Kathleen, thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful comment! It really means so much to us to hear from listeners.
      I think we agree with you that Ron may have plans for that footage as flashback or some other device. In DIA, when we’re in Paris, Jamie is having nightmares about the experience with BJR. These are things that never disappear from his soul, though it does get easier for him. But not in the second book.
      We completely understand your sensitivity toward Tobias’ characters. They were really tough scenes to watch.

      Thank you for listening, and we hope you stay with us between the seasons! This is when the community needs each other most 🙂

  2. Virginia says:

    There´s a very intense (among all the intenseness) moment when Randall is holding Jamie, Pietá style, and his eyes travel J’s body and says:
    “My God, you’re a magnificent creature!”
    The anticipation of what he’s about to live, what he’d been longing for so long…
    Tobias Menzies really astonishes us all, with his acting.
    Very intense, tear dropping, hands trembling episode!

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