Three new ‘Outlander’ licensees announced

Knockout Licensing announced today that Outlander has added three more manufacturers to its licensing program: Running Press, Scorpio Posters, and Sellers Publishing.

Knockout Licensing

Knockout Licensing

Currently, Running Press lists a sole item tagged as “Outlander,” an ‘Outlander’ mini mortar and pestle set. According to today’s press release, this will be available fall 2015.

Running Press

Running Press

Scorpio Posters also lists one item, the Outlander key art poster. Wall posters will be available summer 2015.

Scorpio Posters

Scorpio Posters

Though Sellers Publishing does not list any Outlander-related items as of yet, they will be producing 2016 Calendars – Wall Calendars and Daily Boxed Calendars and 2017 Calendars – Mini Wall Calendars and Daily Boxed Calendars.

Sellers Publishing

ca Sellers Publishing

Product availability: Knockout Licensing also reports that “[f]ans should soon be able to find products such as posters from Scorpio or calendars from Sellers at stores where those types of items are typically sold: calendars at bookstores and stationery stores; posters at entertainment retailers (e.g., Hastings or Newbury among others). Other licensees such as The Celtic Croft and AbbyShot, sell product primarily through their own websites so fans will need to go online for that.”

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2 Responses to Three new ‘Outlander’ licensees announced

  1. mapers (Pam) says:

    Summer and Ginger,
    Do you know if there is going to be a Master List of vendors/manufacturers from whom we can purchase or order Outlander merchandise from? Or would we order it all through Knockout? That doesn’t seem correct somehow. So confusing!

    • outlanderpod says:

      Pam, that is a good question! At this time, we share this information as it becomes available. However, if we learn of any type of “master list,” we will definitely share it here. 🙂

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