A look ahead at ‘Outlander’ Season 1, Part 2

Don’t miss the “look ahead” video released today by Starz. In it, you’ll see a taste of what’s to come in the second half of Season 1: a cheeky Tobias (who has a wonderful delivery of “Droutlander”); Ron calls it “complex” and “dark” and mentions “fallout and repercussions,” politics, Jacobites; Caitriona touches on Claire’s need for honesty; Sam gives a shout out to the “strong” relationship between Jamie and Black Jack; Graham speaks of the tension between the MacKenzie brothers; and Laura describes Jenny as “strong, and confident woman.”

We also get a first look at Steven Cree as Ian Murray.

Steven Cree as Ian Murray

Steven Cree as Ian Murray

And we get a warning from Ron that the season will go in a direction that “a lot of audiences are not expecting.”

As Jamie says at the close, “These are dangerous times, mo nighean donne.”

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  1. Sheela says:

    I can’t wait. One of the best new shows. Do not pull this program.

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