Dragonfly In Amber

Chapter 1: Mustering the Roll

Chapter 2: The Plot Thickens

Chapter 3: Mothers and Daughters

Chapter 4: Culloden

Chapter 5: Beloved Wife

Chapter 6: Making Waves

Chapter 7: Royal Audience

Chapter 8: Unlaid Ghosts and Crocodiles

Chapter 9: The Splendors of Versailles

Chapter 10: A Lady, With Brown Hair Curling Luxuriantly

Chapter 11:  Useful Occupations

Chapter 12: L’Hôpital des Anges

Chapter 13: Deceptions

Chapter 14: Meditations on the Flesh

Chapter 15: In Which Music Plays a Part

Chapter 16: The Nature of Sulfur

Chapter 17: Possession

Chapter 18: Rape in Paris

Chapter 19: An Oath is Sworn

Chapter 20: La Dame Blanche

Chapter 21: Untimely Resurrection

Chapter 22: The Royal Stud

Chapter 23: The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Chapter 24: The Bois de Boulogne

Chapter 25: Raymond the Heretic

Chapter 26: Fontainebleau

Chapter 27: An Audience with His Majesty

Chapter 28: The Coming of the Light

Chapter 29: To Grasp the Nettle

Chapter 30: Lallybroch

Chapter 31: Mail Call

Chapter 32: Field of Dreams

Chapter 33: Thy Brother’s Keeper

Chapter 34: The Postman Always Rings Twice

Chapter 35: Moonlight

Chapter 36: Prestonpans

Chapter 37: Holyrood

Chapter 38: A Bargain with the Devil

Chapter 39: Family Ties

Chapter 40: The Fox’s Lair

Chapter 41: The Seer

Chapter 42: Reunions

Chapter 43: Falkirk

Chapter 44: In Which Quite a Lot of Things Gang Agely

Chapter 45: Damn All Randalls

Chapter 46: Timor Mortis Conturbat Me

Chapter 47: Loose Ends

Chapter 48: Witch-Hunt

Chapter 49: Blessed Are Those



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