With the excitement of the Starz original series, Outlander,  we wanted a way to experience the journey with other fans, and still include some of our own interests (that we hope you will find fun, too!). That was where the idea of a podcast came from: a way to follow matters related to  Diana Gabaldon’s books, the Starz production, and other subjects directly, indirectly, or tangentially, related to Scotland. In other words, All Things Outlander.












Gosh, I hate talking about myself…  I would rather talk about literally ANYTHING. I am a pop culture junkie with a photographic memory for unimportant details. Seriously, if they had a Jeopardy-like game that was all about actors’ names and films they have been in, I would be the grand champion and RICH! So far this skill hasn’t proved to be very profitable. On a serious note, I am a longtime fan of Diana Gabaldon, and the Outlander series.  In fact, the only thing I am more obsessed with is my daughter.  When we started this podcast, I wasn’t sure anyone was going to listen… Thank you for proving me wrong!

Summer Reynolds






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