Another #PodTrip–this time to the land of Con

As we complete our packing and last-minute lists, we are excited beyond–well, just plain excited!–to once again be making our way to San Diego for Comic Con. This will be Summer’s first time at SDCC, but this is by no means old hat for Ginger.

We have a few fun things scheduled, and hope to share lots of pictures with you along the way! We’ll be hanging out with Sarah from Outlander TV News, who will be doing a fantabulous job covering all she’ll be covering, which, of course, includes Outlander!

Both Outlander TV News and The Outlander Podcast will be live tweeting Saturday’s Outlander panel. So be sure to follow both sites on our various platforms. Likely Twitter and Instagram will be the most post-tweet-picture-whatever happy, since we may not quite get around to blogging in depth until after we return and can properly synthesize all that we see, hear, and experience.

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2 Responses to Another #PodTrip–this time to the land of Con

  1. Lizzie says:

    How tacky is it that Starz or Ron or whoever it is that made the decision to have a preview of season two but not let it be shown to the general public? I upgraded my cable package to get Starz network for only one reason. I purchased a Blu Ray player when I had a perfectly fine working DVD player in order to get the special features only on the Blu Ray edition. I have supported and followed Outlander Starz on social media almost daily for two years ever since it was announced the series was going to be aired, and this is the way they reward their loyal fans? It’s like a slap in the face. Not Happy Here

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