Episode 206: SDCC 2017 redux

In this episode, we discuss our time at San Diego Comic Con 2017, including the Starz panel, the first ever Outlander Fan Panel, and some sweet interviews.

SPOILER ALERT: Our Outlander Fan Panel (which was billed as no holds barred) includes light discussion of episode 301 and speculation about Season 3, as well as later books in the Outlander series

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Video of the FIRST San Diego Comic Con Outlander Discussion Panel

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The Watcher in the Woods

'Watcher in the Woods' press room

‘Watcher in the Woods’ press room: Scott  Abbott (writer), Melissa Joan Hart (director),  Paula Hart (executive producer), and Andrew Gernhard (associate producer)

Melissa Joan Hart and Ginger Wiseman

Melissa Joan Hart and Ginger Wiseman

Insight Editions Outlander-inspired items

Insight Editions 'Outlander'-inspired leatherette journal

Insight Editions ‘Outlander’-inspired leatherette journal

Insight Editions 'Outlander'-inspired leatherette journal

Insight Editions 'Outlander'-inspired leatherette journal

Insight Editions 'Outlander'-inspired leatherette journalInsight Editions 'Outlander'-inspired leatherette journal


Insight Editions 'Outlander'-inspired items

Insight Editions ‘Outlander’-inspired items

The leatherette ruled journal and the poster portfolio (pictured above) will be available September 26, 2017, and are currently available for pre-order on Amazon. Coming toward the finale of Season 3, they will also be bringing out Outlander-inspired Blank Box Notecards and a Deluxe Stationery Set (pictured below).

Insight Editions 'Outlander'-inspired Blank Box Notecards

Insight Editions ‘Outlander’-inspired Blank Box Notecards

Insight Editions 'Outlander'-inspired Deluxe Stationery Set

Insight Editions ‘Outlander’-inspired Deluxe Stationery Set


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5 Responses to Episode 206: SDCC 2017 redux

  1. Cary Robinson says:

    Hi Ginger and Summer! I’m new(er) to your podcast, but I too, love all things Outlander! I listened to Ep. 206 & your first ever Outlander Fan Panel, and the comments about Culloden. I majored in Music, too (Ginger) and can’t wait to hear the S3 music with the episodes and it’s soundtrack! I wondered if you’ve ever heard the song “Culloden’s Harvest”? I first heard it back in 2002 by a group named Deanta on a Celtic CD I listened to on repeat in my car. It’s haunting, and I think probably an old Scottish folksong…I’ve heard a few different versions of it, but love this one by Deanta. I love to sing along with it, as it’s melody is beautifully embellished and melismatic, and has the traditional celtic storytelling song (in minor) feel to it. I went to visit Culloden Battlefield back in April of 2016 (before I discovered anything “Outlander”) and understand the haunting feeling of the place. Can’t wait to see S3, Ep 1. I hope you have a chance to listen to the song.

    Thanks for your podcast and all your do! Hugs! <3

    Cary Robinson

    • @theoutlanderpod says:

      Thank you for the music recommendation! I hadn’t heard of that (Ginger). Will definitely seek it out!

      And welcome to the community 🙂

  2. Andrea L. Rook says:

    It all looks very interesting and exciting and I will buy any and all #Outlander merchandise I’m able to get my hands on!! ❤️⚔️

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  4. Lorraine Black says:

    Excellent panel discussion! Congrats on your first and wishing you many more. Was excited to hear y’all got a reward? surprise gift? extra? in the showing of 3.1 Made me a little bummed out that I had to lalalalalaala fingers in my ears while you talked about it. Although I had speculated on my own about how much Frank believed, knew, researched,about Claire’s journey to the past and Bree’s involvement in a prophecy, I had never wondered about or heard of the possibility of Jamie planting the flowers at Craig na Dun.More fodder for my Outlander daydreaming. As former worker in the television field, and having miked loads of guests, it was disappointing to hear that no one realised that only Ginger’s mike was plugged into the podcast recorder. Live and learn. Thank you for braving the line ups and travel nightmares to bring us all things Outlander!

Let us know what you think! :)