Episode 86: Discussion of ‘Outlander’ Episode 109 “The Reckoning”

Outlander is back!! And so are we with our episode discussions! In this episode, we discuss recent announcements and Episode 109 “The Reckoning.”

Links related to Episode 109

Outlander Episode 109  “The Reckoning” on IMDB

Ron Moore’s podcast on Episode 109 “The Reckoning”

Bear McCreary’s blog post on Episode 101 “Sassenach”

Writer: Matt B. Roberts

Director: Richard Clark

Lochlainn O Mearáinn (Horrocks)

The song Summer mentions: “Rock Me Sexy Jesus”

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7 Responses to Episode 86: Discussion of ‘Outlander’ Episode 109 “The Reckoning”

  1. Kate says:

    There was an interview with Sam who talked about laying his kilt out in his trailer and being hard pressed to have enough room to do it. 🙂

  2. judy says:

    Very strong preformances by the whole cast.

  3. Tamara Benko says:

    if you check out the books there are maps on the inside cover and there are maps in Outlandish Companion

    • outlanderpod says:

      Tamara, yes! You are right, of course! We were talking about a promotional map we received and wanting to mark on it places from the series (most are already marked on there, we believe) and then places we are able to visit in Scotland. But thank you for the reminder! We have the answers in our hands 🙂

  4. Bridget says:

    Enjoyed your recap. Now I will be humming the Jesus song all day! I however do not enjoy the deviation from the book on Jamie – Laiohaire storyline. Have read a few blogs/commentaries on this that suggest we do not know what happened from Jamie’s point of view or what was actually said between them when Jaimie goes to buy the book ring. I disagree – the graphic novel The Exile is written by the author from Jaimie’s POV. In this book and in subsequent novels Jaimie shows and states repeatedly that he has no interest in Laiohaire during the events of Outlander or later in their story. Like with the Frank deviations I think this is show runner, specific writers preference and certainly their prerogative but feel it makes Jaimie’s love for Claire less decisive, unsure and less special as opposed to what we learn Jaimie felt from their first encounter. This seems at odds with the decision made in an earlier episode to give the line “Jaimie needs a woman not a lassie & Laiohaire will be a lassie until she is 50” to Murtah instead of Old Alec to give it more significance. Just not enjoying the unsure Jaimie presented…

    • outlanderpod says:

      Bridget, thank you for listening and for providing such a thoughtful, complete comment!
      It’s so easy to think about book, book, book, the Big Books, that is, and not think about the bulges or the graphic novel. You are right, of course, that we *do* have Jamie’s POV in this matter. And we agree that it was likely a decision made by Ron and the writers. Likely, for series watchers (and not book readers) to make it pretty blatant exactly where Laoghaire stands in Jamie’s life. His not wanting her, his, in effect, rejecting her when she offers herself to him.
      We are always interested by changes or additions made to the story, and this was definitely one! 🙂

  5. Yoshimi says:

    I agree with Brigid re deviation from books – Hollywood -izing the show w a romantic triangle as well as presenting the clansmen as boorish oafs. I am committed to watching the series; just grateful to have the wonderful books.

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