Bear McCreary

Bear McCreary

Though we have interviewed him a number of times and linked to all of his Outlander episode blogs in our episode discussion posts, we have yet to have one massive post dedicated to our favorite television composer. We aim to rectify.

Bear McCreary’s love of bagpipes is known by many. That he finally has the opportunity to not only express this in a series but (God willing) for MANY, MANY YEARS in a series, is, we think, stupendous. In this tongue-in-cheek video, Nobody Likes Bagpipes, Bear pokes fun at himself, at bagpipe “haters,” and shows that, in the end, #BagpipesAlwaysWin.

And don’t forget, Outlander Season 1 Soundtrack Volume 2 drops September 25, 2015!

'Outlander' Original Soundtrack Season 1, Volume 2

‘Outlander’ Original Soundtrack Season 1, Volume 2

Bear McCeary’s Official Site


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