In this episode, we discuss recent announcements, and continue with the read-along of Ginger’s favorite sequence (not chapter!): the witch trial et al. In Chapter 25, “Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live,” Claire stands trial for witchcraft, and then must make the most important decision of her life.

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Because this subject so fascinates Ginger, we’ve included a bit of “extra reading,” if you will.

The Devil’s Mark and the Witch-prickers of Scotland

Mutt and Jeff

Witches and Witchcraft in Aberdeen

One of the worst, most heartbreaking accounts of a witch trial G has ever read: The Pappenheimer Family (Warning: this account is quite graphic.)

King James VI of Scotland (later James I of England) Daemonologie

You can find information about King James VI’s involvement in the North Berwick witch trials, as well as reference to Gillis [sic] Duncan in following work:

Rosen, Barbara (1969). Witchcraft in England, 1558–1618. Univ of Massachusetts Press.

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