In this episode, we welcome guests Diane and Arlen Donald, who share with us their knowledge of Scotland’s wool industry, and the kilt. They join our read-along of Chapter 28: “Kisses and Drawers.” Are rereads more pleasurable than initial reads? What does a Scot really wear underneath his kilt? Also, Ginger tries to ship Jamie and Claire.

Diane’s Sites: Russet Lodge Knits  Etsy     Blogspot      Facebook

A Crofter’s Life in Shetland (clip 5) – A Crofter’s Wife


Women’s Work: The first 20,000 years by Elizabeth Wayland Barber

Waulking songs are traditional Scottish folksongs sung by women as they were waulking wool.

Examples of waulking songs:


Singer: Kate Nicolson & friends while washing new tweed

Source: Wire Magazine, Recorded South Uist, 1970



Quarter day

Luckenbooth brooch

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