Let’s be honest: Did anything other than The Trailer happen this week? We kinda forgot, but then realized we had a read-along to continue, so, well… In this episode, we discuss recent announcements (psst: THE TRAILER), our recent trip to a Scottish Games where Whisky Was Drunk, and continue with our read-along: Chapters 30 and 31, “Conversations by the Hearth” and “Quarter Day,” respectively. We also share the entries of two more of our Best Boo Contestish winners, Bethany in Japan, and Connie in Costa Rica.

Proof Ginger loves whisky and Summer… not so much.

Whisky tasting, before

Whisky tasting, before

Whisky tasting, after

Whisky tasting, after

We asked our friend Theresa at Outlander Kitchen for her suggestion for a recipe to make Elderberry Wine (because Jamie gets maudlin). She suggested Hank Shaw’s: How to Make Elderberry Wine. She also recommended her own Comte St Germain’s Poison, for something peppy and ‘Outlander’ related. (We will definitely have to try both. Let us know if you do!)

Other mentionables

Why Sex with Creatures from the Future is a Bad Idea

Source: Popular Science, 6/22/11

Our first whisky mention in honor of Scotland’s National Whisky Month, May, is Hazelburn.

The word plait apparently has varying pronunciations depending on whether one speaks British or American English. Brits pronounce it as “plat” (rhymes with “flat”), while Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary lists it as “plate” (rhymes with “mate”).

Just what is a cockernonnie?

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