Outlander bears by North American Bear Co.

Outlander bears by North American Bear Co.

When we began The Outlander Podcast, we had a passion for a book series. A big-time passion. We looked forward to the Starz production. We talked and talked (and talked) about it. Started a read-along. Started conducting interviews. Went to the #OutlanderInvadesLA  fan event. All of this before any official merchandise (be still our hearts) was even a whisper.

Enter the North American Bear Co.

First, this Instagram photo broke our hearts (in a good way).

Then these arrived and we fell in love all over again.

Outlander bears by North American Bear Co.

Outlander bears by North American Bear Co.

What is the North American Bear Co.?

In their own words:

“For over 35 years, the award-winning North American Bear line has captivated generations of fans with high quality soft toys, adorable keepsake gifts, and memorable teddy bear collectibles for children of all ages and the kid-at-heart. North American Bear designs are sold throughout the US in specialty retail stores and distributed internationally.”

Now what about these bears? These. Fabulous. Adorable. Outlander. Bears.

Meet Jamie Fraser:

“JAMIE FRASER, the dashing Highlander hero, wears a kilt inspired by the Outlander™ Tartan and a matching plaid held in place over the shoulder by a buckled belt. His outfit is completed by a handsome 18th century style jacket and waistcoat, and a sueded sporran with matching boots. He is indeed the chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior who wears his outfit proudly.”

And of course, our favorite Sassenach:

“CLAIRE RANDALL, the time traveling heroine, wears a white ruffle-trimmed jacket kept in place by a laced, thistle-patterned stomacher. She wears bow-trimmed shoes under her Outlander™ Tartan inspired skirt, and carries a woven straw basket filled with plants she has picked for her homemade medicinal remedies. In her coordinating Outlander Tartan, she is outfitted as the lovely wife of Jamie in her mysterious, unknown Scottish Highlands world. “

Our joy is visible (and audible) in this Periscope unboxing we did the day they arrived on our doorstep. But truly, these bears are the sweetest things ever. The attention to detail is amazing. Claire Bear has a BASKET OF HERBS. Her shoes lace. Jamie Bear has a sporran. (more description.)

The feeling of these bears is also scrumptious. Soft, velvety. The colors of the bears and the Outlander tartan scream Outlander, as well they should.  As Summer mentioned on the video, Claire even has a stomacher!

Finally, while they are adorable teddy bears, it’s up to you whether or not to allow your children to play with them. As Summer must continually remind her daughter, “These are Mommy’s bears.”

Many thanks to North American Bear Co. for these beautiful bears. Interested in getting a hold of your own Jamie and Claire Bears? They are available at their website as well as the Official Outlander Store.

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