Today, March 26, 2015, the UK has Outlander! And not just Episode 1… but the entire first half of Season 1!

After you’ve watched each episode, have a listen to our corresponding episode discussions.

But first, some Outlander fun facts!

  • One of Claire’s outfits was inspired by a twig that costume designer Terry Dresbach saw at the side of the road, covered in moss. Simple things in nature often inspired the looks behind the outfits.
  • Sam is the fastest of all the actors at putting his kilt on.
  • Poor transportation and remote settings in the 18th century meant few trained medical professionals ventured out of the main towns and cities. Patients were heavily reliant on local herbal remedies.  (Check out our interview with on-set herbalist, Claire MacKay!)
  • The Outlander Gaelic coach consulted a real Gaelic-speaking MacKenzie man, the modern equivalent of the characters from the past!
  • Much of the weaponry for Outlander has been handmade in the U.K. including Glasgow, Derby, Milton Keynes and London.
  • It took 12 tons of plaster to build the studios.


Source: Amazon Prime Instant Video